Asoka Debuts Industry’s First PLC-to-RS-485 Adapter to Network Solar Power Systems

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We announced this morning our new PL7070-COM, an RS-485 serial PLC bridge adapter designed to minimize the networking challenges of connecting solar equipment throughout a building.

The adapter is the first of its kind to support solar installations that require passing RS-485 transmit and receive signals between remotely located solar equipment. With the PL7070-COM, installers simply plug the adapter into an AC outlet nearest to the RS-485 equipment and connect a short DB-9 cable between the equipment and adapter.

The PL7070-COM adapter features wide temperature operation (-20° C – +60° C), an adjustable baud rate (selectable between 1.2, 9.6 and 19.2 kb/s) and supports 128b AES encryption over powerline links.

The adapter has already been tested by major solar companies such as Fronius, Power-One and SMA and is available today. For more information, please visit

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IT-LOGIQ Partnership Extends Our VoIP Solutions into French Telecommunication Industry

Asoka Marketing

We’re excited to share that French telecommunication distributor, IT-LOGIQ, is now a distributor of our voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions.

IT-LOGIQ is a telecommunication infrastructure products distributor providing pre-sales and post-sales consulting and technical support in the areas of network convergence, VoIP, video conferencing, signaling and various other network infrastructure topics.

Asoka’s PlugLink® PoE-200 is the first PLC adapter to support PoE and allows consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to build a single, high-speed network that delivers both data and power. This eliminates the need for PoE hubs, or separate power supplies to reduce costs of deployment and make VoIP plug-and-play simple.

“We take pride in offering the best solutions, services and products, and we believe Asoka is at the forefront of PLC and digital living services,” said Xavier Paour, CEO of IT-LOGIQ. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Asoka and look forward to a long, successful partnership.”

To find out more information about becoming an Asoka reseller, contact

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No New Wires: Asoka Helps Campbell Company Reach Next Level in Push Button Communication

Asoka Marketing

We’ve all done it a million times before – pushed a button, waited for the crosswalk sign to change, and then crossed the street. However most of us probably never think about the communications technology that goes into a crosswalk system.

Founded in 1973, Campbell Company provides accessible pedestrian signals (APS), pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian stations and pedestrian push button signs. Always looking to push the edge of pedestrian safety technology, the company wanted to create an advanced communication systems for real time system monitoring and control of operating parameters and to enable web-based management.  It wanted all these functions, but didn’t want the hassle of installing additional wires. Engineers considered a wireless solution, but didn’t want to install antennas.

The company selected Asoka’s SM5500 Ethernet to powerline communications (PLC) embeddable module to enable back and forth communication between each crosswalk button and a centralized controller. Engineers selected the Asoka solution because of its ability to source power and communications from existing cabling. The SM5500’s affordable pricing was also a key factor in the selection process.

With the solution in place, when a crosswalk button is pushed, a notification message is passed through the SM5500 to the controller and the controller sends back a message to the pedestrian station.  A simple solution for a complicated problem.

Campbell Company is extremely pleased with Asoka’s SM5500 Ethernet over powerline solution and plans to test other Asoka powerline technologies in the future.

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Asoka Home Energy Management: A “Game Changer?”

Eric Grubel

In my last blog post, I wrote about my positive experience with saving nearly $400 annually using Asoka’s Home Energy Management Service™ (HEMS).  I thought it was great to use the service based on our powerline communications (PLC) adapters and save the money.  But what do you expect, I’m the president of the company.

Now, I’m going to share with you a review of an Asoka-based HEM service from UK IT pro Philip Bradley who is a more objective blogger and who writes for the blog “Munificus.” In his post, he reviews myStrom, a Europe-wide HEMS, that is the result of a partnership between Asoka and Swiss Telecom.

His review format covers four elements of an app: aesthetics, cost, indispensability, dependability and security (ACIDS).  Here’s a summary of how he used myStrom:

“(myStrom)… is marketed as a way of monitoring electrical consumption and switching off any device remotely. Obviously, it will reduce your electricity consumption (hence costs) by switching off unnecessary appliances. Moreover, there are massive savings to be made in addition to the electrical ones. I am using one switch to control an oil-fired boiler and the savings are substantial in reduced heating oil consumption. There are however applications where it will increase (!) consumption, and you will be only too pleased. I am, partially, using the system to control many different light switches which act as a burglar deterrent.”

His overall opinion: “myStrom is a true game changer; I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. “

Philip writes with a contrarian attitude and a unique point of view based on his experience working with technology.  So when he pays a compliment, you know it’s because he found something worthwhile in the app.

If you’ve been waiting for a game changing HEM service as well, maybe its time to take a closer look at Asoka’s PLC adapters and HEM web interface.

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How Home Energy Management Will Help Me Save Nearly $400 Annually

Eric Grubel

This past summer, after dealing with especially high temperatures and a huge electricity bill, I decided to install our PlugLine® powerline communications (PLC) adapters to see what kind of energy savings could be generated in my home on an annual basis.

Combining the PlugLine adapters with our cloud-based services application (below), which communicates over the network, I am able to monitor and control the power consumption of my connected appliances and devices from any computer or iPhone/Android mobile app.

I installed 11 PlugLine adapters throughout my home, and while I did see some cost savings from the ability to automatically turn off appliances and devices, the biggest cost savings came from controlling my water recirculator, which enabled me to reduce the number of hours it runs per day, now only running when needed. Another big savings area was through my entertainment system in our family room, where I have set up the adapters to completely turn the power off between 9:00 pm and 4:00 pm Sunday-Friday, when the system is not in use.  In addition to reducing our electricity consumption, this will also have the beneficial effect of decreasing the amount of time the kids can watch TV on school nights.


After reviewing the home electricity bills from before and after the installations, I calculated how much money I am going to save using Asoka’s PlugLine adapters. Looks like total savings for the year will be more than $377 and I expect to see more as I continue to  optimize the use of the adapters for energy management in my home.

This is just the beginning of home energy savings in my home, stay tuned for more from me and other users. In the meantime, for more information on how our technology can be used in your home, visit

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Hawaiian Telcom Using PlugLink to Reduce Installation Time

Asoka Marketing

We’re excited to announce today that Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc. is using our PlugLink® family of PLC adapters for provisioning of its Hawaiian Telcom TV service and accompanying broadband upgrades.

Hawaiian Telcom selected Asoka’s PlugLink adapters because they offer the highest performance and reliability, enable fast, secure connectivity and require no extra cables. The adapters work with existing electrical wiring and turn every power outlet into an Ethernet connection for passing high definition video, data, voice and audio throughout the home.

“Asoka’s PlugLink adapters support our efforts to deliver Hawaiian Telcom TV and High Speed Internet service in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner,” said Mike Czerwinski, senior vice president – customer operations of Hawaiian Telcom.  “We’re fully committed to providing superior service to our customers and are glad that equipping our teams with adapters supporting high-quality connectivity and quick installation address customer needs.”

For more information, please see the press release here or check out our PlugLink here.

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Enabling Simple SMB VoIP Networking Through PLC

Asoka Marketing

Traditional VoIP networking can be a pain – “wall wart” power adapters, Ethernet cables and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches hubs for network-based powering – they all equal significant time, money and hassle that today’s small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t need.

Therefore, we’re excited to share that this week we announced our new PlugLink® PoE-200 (PL9660-48A), our first powerline communications (PLC) adapter to support the PoE standard.

The PlugLink PoE-200 allows consumers and small businesses to quickly build 200 MB data networks, which are ideal for transporting voice or video. In addition to very high speed networking, each adapter delivers up to15.4 Watts of DC power to Ethernet attached devices.  This enables most Voice over IP (VoIP) handsets, IP security cameras and other POE powered network devices to be powered by the new adapter.

For more information, see the press release here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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